For in a lover’s eyes I seek, Nothing but desire please. Love,happiness and all that decide to tag along I have no problem with mourning over my heart after its been ripped out my chest and left to dry and break, What good was it to me anyway? As I watch the moon milk my skin, I want my lover to do the same,stunned by the beauty before him that only his eyes can see, A sight to behold. I don’t mind if he wants to go on a journey of a thousand miles For there we shall become one, And I’d lose myself in his beautiful eyes, Traveling to various cities through his breathtaking windows. I want him to hold me like that’s our last day on earth, and kiss me like I’m the only drug to his deadly disease. What is life without love and what is love without him? Even in my dreams, I see him trying to conquer the world to save me from my very own monsters. Fears he always sees harboring in my eyes Demons that tear my insides apart, That try to separate us, even though our souls are already one. “Let’s leave them “he says and “let’s get lost in our own labyrinth of love and undying pleasure” I agree immediately, ready to take my lover’s hand But as my eyes crack open, I’m in bed, With my monsters ,but no lover by my side . Obenewaa.


Back to my roots

This vacation most people thought I spent it visiting sceneries,exploring..just enjoying my life. But rather I was being questioned why I didn’t eat bush meat, why I didn’t know how to pound fufu, why as a young girl I didn’t know how to eat “potohwekuo “people scrutinized me before they talked to me and when they did it was with a strange tone, after, they would say that “agya ba nono,yese ofiri abroagyire na 3baa y3,n’anim saa no”.. I was treated like an outcast in my own home just because I was a bit different , my father took every little chance he got to rub it in my face that I didn’t know “amamer3” And whenever he wanted to address me, he,out of his own wisdom,will call me “obroni” which irritated me They were all on my case, as if they were just waiting for me to break something or just talk back so they could use it against me. They tried the “do if feel like I’m the only educated one there” or the ” it’s not your fault, ak)da na wode3 wo ho k)t) ani aa wose abaa” I wanted to be treated like an adult and these people were doing far from that . Asking if I could iron, questioning my cooking skills and my father always saying “hw3 na anshe oo”..all these left me questioning myself if everything was even worth it but then i remembered that these would not pay the bills and will certainly not put food on the table .. putting all that behind me, I actually got the time to pay close attention to my surroundings and then I realized you don’t really have to know all these things to be Ghanaian and love Ghanaian culture..oh and yes, with the mud houses and the great mountains among other beautiful features, ghana is indeed a beautiful country.



Eyes watered from the blur of time

The old flowers wither,

As I appear, I realize they were once like me

There I feel my legs yearning to move backwards

Back into mama’s arms fed from her breast

The withered think about how fast they came and how wicked time is destroying them slowly.

They then wish they never came at all

To escape a fate such as death.

Young and beautiful they were

Their skin Smooth as Shea Butter

and their swift moves in adowa and kete

Now,they’re all wrinkled and dried up

Diseases and pain already settled

Finding ways to end it all.

If wishes were real,

Rolling in the sand and enjoying what I call eternity but a day before my Maker

Life I realized is meaningless

Gives nothing, takes everything

Death, I do not fear…but loneliness, I do

Loved will be escorted to another world

Unknown to the living, but torture might attack

Don’t leave me…I beg

Time please understand me

Can we negotiate?

My heart you’ll destroy if you pursue your plan

In 70’s wrinkled I’ll be and reminiscing my youthful days

But I wont have anyone to confide in.

Where will my family be?

Gone because of you?


Please sweep us all away

Another land without you

With nothing but each other

Old age approaching, I see it coming

Impatiently waiting to take over

Its already time

Come for what you own

Heaven being my resting place.



I felt what she felt..she didn’t understand but I did..I had been down that road before..
I watched soul drown and her eyes burn as tears kept rolling down her cheeks..
I wanted to stop her and speak some sense into her..but then I held myself back
She had to fight her battle someway somehow
And the thing was I understood her
Every pang
Every why
Every “Am i not good enough”
I felt tears pool in my eyes as she clutched her heart wanting to rip the one thing that was keeping her alive
As I watched her bang her head against the wall
Trying to forget everything she wanted to keep forever
I understood..she needed to be loved and he was there so she let him love her
She became vulnerable
Giving everything even though she had nothing
Sowing her last seed she knew won’t grow but wanted to give

a chance
The love she had was beautiful but quite deadly since it was killing her slowly
She wanted to stop him..she wanted to stop herself..stop her heart from falling each time.. but she was helpless, a weakling, a small frame with so much to give..but not receiving much in return

I understood I did. I knew how it felt… to be broken, to be taken for granted..to have nothing to live for
But that made me stronger…even though I woke up everyday wishing my breath would just be taken away
Even when I stood in the middle of the road waiting for a truck to come and knock the life out of me
When I held a knife to my chest ..swearing this time I was going to make the pain end.
The only two words I could find always were “I’m tired”
Of the life I was living…of seeing everyone happy but not being able to feel the same..
Being numb..dead inside out..a lifeless being walking about..trying to get things right
After being in this doomed life for a while..I realized it was time to let go
Yes it was painful..but I couldn’t live like that
I found some strength I didn’t even know I had..I realized no man was worth my tears and piercing screams
No man should feel he had power over me..
These words in mind I picked myself up and started over
I became positive and allowed myself to live again
I let the pain go..it was hard.. but i did
I didn’t want to be miserable anymore
I was done.. and this time I was soaring ..so high I was unreachable.
So yes..I do understand.
But it takes a great woman to stand up when she falls …and that’s what I want her to be.
She should know that
“Everything happens for a reason”.
And with that..she will win the war.


Before Dawn.

2017,a year where cries and complaints control the lives of both young and old

Presidency helps the people in no known way.

A 20 later, A land unknown,a rich one indeed.

A beautiful smile sprawled across my face

As I remember my once poor Ghana

Cars soar high in the clouds

Markets full to the brim with currencies of different kinds

Different faces and people, foods named after cash.

I no more hear the sad cries of orphans on the street

Nor the long nights on how to move on

No more curses on the great leaders

Whom I try to adore.

But a 20 years from now, old and forgetful I’ll be

But a wonderful Ghana will be

Technology proudly leading

Being so fast , planes stay still, as rockets take over.

From crafts and others which made the youth rule

First 20 marvels me

20 again shows its light

On a country that stiffens me by its beauty

I walk gently to a home, like a radiant african bride unveiled to her groom, my land shines with pride

This time I feel a sense of belonging

I find myself smiling without cause

As I feel the spirit of freedom within

Free from colonialists..free from corruption

Smooth streets and quality education

A better future for the next generation

As I stare out of my window…lost in my country’s dream

I believe that our struggle will one day bring joy and hope to the country

A 40 years from now.


Late night dreams

I dream, most of the time, of a place only the eyes of my heart can see

Whenever i close my eyes, another pair flutters open , ready to see a place oblivious to the world but existent to me.

I walk around to see things I wish I could have.. one of them being the love of my life

I look in the skies ,at the stars, trying, more like hoping to bring them down ..to fill that hole in my heart

I dream about clear waters and beautiful trees ..and a girl with no worries

Walking along the shores afraid to feel the sea..cause i am already drawn to it and might not be able to leave it after it soothes my wounds ..

I dream about you and me, hand in hand exploring the beautiful things of nature

Us, lazying about, your hands roaming my back..your lips placing soft,intimate kisses on my neck

I remember days that never existed but I still keep as a memory because in my head we were in love and had started the journey

I toss and turn, and a stray tear slides down my cheek .. as I remember our non-existent picture perfect life

Most of the time, I feel strong, but late at night when I fall into a deep slumber, my mind wanders off to another place where it’s just me and you .